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a little bit about

my work

The subjects you'll find painted here are those closest to my heart: the marsh, birds, fish, all sorts of wild creatures, plants, shells, sharks teeth and more.  As a lifelong nature nerd, I always thought my path to being a conservationist would be one steeped in science and research.  Over time I discovered that I could reach people more readily through my art.  A painting can express so much more than words alone, and I want others to feel what I feel when I experience nature; a sense of wonder and curiosity, that quiet reverence at the perfect sunrise, or the peace one gains from time spent away from screens and in the wilderness. My greatest desire is to foster a connection between people and wild places. Science tells us why something matters but connection to a place is what inspires people to stand up and protect something they love and I believe that is the key to creating change.

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