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The subjects you'll find painted here in my shop are those closest to my heart: the marsh, birds, fish, all sorts of wild creatures, plants, shells, sharks teeth and more. 

As a lifelong nature nerd, I always thought my path to being a conservationist would be one steeped in science and research.  Over time I discovered that I could reach people more readily through my art. 

A painting can express so much more than words alone, and I want others to feel what I feel when I experience nature: childlike feelings of wonder, that quiet reverence at the perfect sunrise, and the peace that one can only gain from time spent away from screens and in the wilderness.

What you should know about the art you are buying...

  • Museum Quality Prints Canvas Feel Fine Art Paper:
  • Quality matte finish.
  • Larger prints have 1/4" margin embedded in print size on most art prints.
  • Premium Archival Inks.
  • Most all of my prints are standard size and will fit ready made frames.
  • Unframed Fine Art Prints
  • We do not sell frames

I use a beautiful white canvas textured fine art PAPER to capture the most beautiful color gamut of each print, they are in perfect condition with no tears or staining. The paper is of professional quality, with archival quality inks which provide the most beautiful color gamut.

    IMPORTANT: Check Your Dimensions Before Ordering - Everything is made to order. We do not stock inventory.  

    We suggest to all of our customers to use kraft or old gift wrap paper to make templates of the size art you are interested in ordering.  Use painters tape and lay it out on the wall to help you visualize the size of the artwork that best fits your space. This is especially helpful if you are using a group of prints.


    Please be advised image was photographed to represent original colors but your monitor colors may vary slightly.