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Alexandra Nicole has two primary passions: painting and the natural world.

Growing up on an island, she was constantly surrounded by the beauty of the low country.  Having painted her entire life it was only natural for her to combine her passions by creating artwork that reflects her admiration for coastal ecosystems. She spends most of her days painting the marsh, birds, fish, all sorts of wild creatures, plants, shells, sharks teeth and more.

Alexandra originally focused on her passion for the environment by going to college and getting degrees in Wildlife Biology and Fisheries Science. She pursued a career as a biologist, working with a number of species from leatherback sea turtles on St. Kitts and Nevis to feral cats on Jekyll Island, GA to shorebirds throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. (Right: Searching for nesting pairs of snowy plovers and other shorebirds on Dauphin Island, Alabama)

Alexandra Nicole is a wildlife biologist turned full-time artist. Throughout her career as a biologist she began to develop her art business as a parallel venture. She loved the travel and work experience that wildlife biology offered, but she always came back to her artwork as a way to connect and share her passion with a wider audience of people. She is now well-known for coastal artwork throughout the South.

Alexandra feels that in today's world, people are increasingly disconnected from the land around them, and hopes to remind people that a relationship with your environment is an active one. Her art is a reminder to go outside, swim in the ocean, fish with a loved one, or watch a sunset. Re-establishing lost connections and fostering a relationship with wild things and wild places is what she hopes to achieve with her work.