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Green Sea Turtle Print


Painted in stunning digital watercolors*, this fine art print of a Green Sea Turtle showcases the details that makes this magnificent marine reptile so unique.

Many years ago, I spent a summer working with sea turtles in the Caribbean, allowing me learn all about these amazing animals. As a wildlife biologist turned artist, I attempt to bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the natural world to my paintings.

Fun fact about greens:

Green sea turtles get their name from the the fact that the fat in their body is colored green! This unusual colors comes from the fact that, as adults, they primarily eat plants such as sea grass and algae.

Show off your love for marine life by showcasing this fine art print in your home or office. The vibrant colors and lifelike portrayal of this green sea turtle make it a perfect addition to a beach house, coastal interiors, or any nature-inspired decor.

Title: "Green Sea Turtle"


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*About my digital watercolors:

You may be asking, what are digital watercolors? These are paintings I create using specialized software that mimics the fluidity and transparency of real watercolors. It involves employing various brushes, adjusting brush strokes, and layering colors to achieve the desired effects.

While the tools may differ, the creative process remains similar. Just like with traditional watercolors, I start with a blank canvas, envision the final piece, and then carefully build up layers of colors and details to bring my vision to life. The process of planning, sketching, selecting colors, and refining the composition requires the same artistic intuition and expertise as working with physical paints.

Contrary to common belief, creating digital watercolors is a time-consuming process, and I often spend more time on these pieces than even my traditional watercolors.

I hope this explanation helps you understand all that is involved in the process of creating a digital painting. As always, if you have any questions I'd love to hear from you!

Green Sea Turtle Print