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Portuguese Man O War FIne Art Print


Title: "Portuguese Man O War"

Contrary to popular belief, the Portuguese Man o War is NOT a jellyfish but belongs to an order of creatures known as Siphonophores. While they are in the same phylum as jellies (Cnidaria), what makes Man o War’s unique is that it’s not one single organism, but a colony of individual organisms, called zooids, that attach together and form a unit. There are 7 different types of zooids that make up the Man o War and each is responsible for different tasks such as defense, reproduction, and feeding. The gas filled bladder on top acts like a sail, allowing the wind to propel it across the sea, but if it detects danger it can deflate its sail and sink below the water. You’ll likely only encounter them when wind and currents wash them up on shore, but even when beached, those tentacles can deliver a painful sting, so it’s best to look and not touch ☝🏼!

This is an archival quality fine art print of my original watercolor painting.

Print Details:

  • We print on a canvas-textured fine art paper with archival quality inks.

  • Smaller prints are packed flat and larger prints will arrive rolled in a tube and protected by a clear plastic sleeve.

  • Custom sizes are available upon request

  • Unframed Fine Art Print

  • Orientation: Vertical

  • Prints are made to order just for you.

  • Please measure before ordering to ensure you select the right size for your space. Furniture, wall space, and height are different for every space. We like to suggest to customers to try using painters tape to help with visualizing the size of the art in your own home.

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Portuguese Man O War FIne Art Print